Forex Turbo Trend Trading System

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category:MT4 SYSTEMS

Turbo Trend is a trading system based on MACD, Flat Trend, woodie CCI indicators.

Time Frame: 15 Min or Higher

Pair: all

Forex Turbo Trend Trading System


MACD (8,12.1)

Flat Trend V.2

Woodie CCI (14,6) HMA

MA Crossover Signal (13,27)

7 MA (open)

5MA (close)

Enter Long:

Ma crossover signal buy is confimated if:

MACD>0, Flat trend (green) and Woodie CCI >0

Enter Short:

Ma crossover signal sell is confimated if:

MACD<0, Flat trend (red) and Woodie CCI <0

Exit Position:

When 5MA crosses 7MA.



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