Grid – indicator for MetaTrader 4

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Grid indicator. Final version. Improved according to suggestions.


Increased the operation speed, correctly processes the missing bars. If the distance between the vertical lines is noticeably smaller, then the history is missing bars there.

The idea is to replace the standard grid with a more convenient one for visual work.

Recommended for visual work. Applications are numerous. Up to the creation of trading systems, as it allows to see certain regularities of the price behavior.

The vertical line
correspond to the start of an hour. Some have different colors.

start of the week - red line,

start of the day - blue line,

start of the month - yellow vertical line.

Horizontal line - placed on psychological (round) levels, like 1.3700, 13750, etc.
blue - shape line
gray - intermediate levels

Grid - indicator for MetaTrader 4

Optimized the code. Fixed the operation flaws. Introduced improvements by popular demand. The code contains detailed comments.


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