PVO – indicator for MetaTrader 5

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Indicator PVO (Percentage Volume Oscillator) represents a momentum for the volume. It calculates the difference in the percents of large MA between two moving averages based on volumes.

It has ten configurable parameters:

  • Show histogram - whether to show the histogram (Yes/No);
  • Show PVO - whether to show the PVO line (Yes/No);
  • Show Signal - whether to show the signal line (Yes/No);
  • Fast MA period - fast MA calculation period;
  • Fast MA method - fast MA calculation method;
  • Slow MA period - slow MA calculation period;
  • Slow MA method - slow MA calculation method;
  • Signal period - signal line calculation period;
  • Signal method - signal line calculation method;
  • Calculation mode - calculation mode:
    • Absolute - in absolute values;
    • Relative - in relative values.


Signal = MA(PVO, Signal period, Signal method)
Histogram = PVO - Signal

Calculation mode Absolute:

PVO = ShortMA - LongMA

Calculation mode Relative:

PVO = (FastMA - SlowMA) / SlowMA


FastMA = MA(Volume, Fast MA period, Fast MA method)
SlowMA = MA(Volume, Slow MA period, Slow MA method)

Volume - tick volume

PVO - indicator for MetaTrader 5


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