ZPF – indicator for MetaTrader 5

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ZPF (Zero Point Force) - zero point force indicator. It displays the market climate.

It has six configurable parameters:

  • Fast MA period - fast MA calculation period;
  • Fast MA method - fast MA calculation method;
  • Slow MA period - slow MA calculation period;
  • Slow MA method - slow MA calculation method;
  • Volume smoothing period - volume data smoothing period;
  • Volume smoothing method - volume data smoothing method.


ZPF = Vol * (FastMA - SlowMA) / 2


Vol = MA(Volume, Volume smoothing period, Volume smoothing method)
FastMA = MA(Close, Fast MA period, Fast MA method)
SlowMA= MA(Close, Slow MA period, Slow MA method)

If line +ZP Force has positive values, it means that bullish climate predominates on the market. If the values are negative, it is bearish.

For line -ZP Force, it is vice versa: Positive values mean bearish climate, and negative ones mean bullish climate.

ZPF - indicator for MetaTrader 5


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