Billy expert – expert for MetaTrader 4

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In general, it is quite strange pattern ... but, strangely enough, it works.

When the price moves downward on 3 bars (three "falling" candles) on M15, the green is above the red on Stochastic of M1 and M5 charts.

Stop loss, take profit can be optimized.


extern int StopLoss // I hope this is clear
extern int TakeProfit // I hope this is also clear :)
extern double Lots // if lot is not set to 0, then it is fixed, if set to 0, then the lot size will be change automatically based on the deposit.
extern int MaxOrders // maximum allowed number of simultaneously opened orders
extern int Periods // period, the Stochastic of which is used by the EA
extern int Periods2 // period, the Stochastic of which is used by the EA (second)

After improvements and optimization the most successful results were achieved on euro/jpy, working timeframe - M15, stochastic periods are M1 and M5, take profit - 145, stop loss - 25. Testing results for one month period is provided below.

I am waiting for tips. I know the EA is crude and not reliable enough, but nonetheless there is something in it, in my opinion.

If anyone interested I can share modified versions as well as variations.

Thank you for attention.

Billy expert - expert for MetaTrader 4

Strategy Tester Report
Masterforex-Demo (Build 220)

Symbol EURJPY (Euro vs Japanese Yen)
Period 15 Minutes (M15) 2008.11.21 21:30 - 2008.12.31 18:59 (2008.01.30 - 2009.01.30)
Model Open prices only (fastest method to analyze the bar just completed, only for EAs that explicitly control bar opening)
Parameters TrailingStop=30; StopLoss=140; TakeProfit=25; Lots=0; magicnumber=777; MaxOrders=1; Periods=1; Periods2=5;
Bars in test 2558 Ticks modelled 5013 Modelling quality n/a
Mismatched chart errors 0
Initial deposit 2500.00
Net profit 7460.93 Gross profit 7460.93 Gross loss 0.00
Profit factor Expected payoff 276.33
Absolute drawdown 490.14 Maximum drawdown 2676.50 (28.28%) Relative drawdown 28.28% (2676.50)
Total trades 27 Short positions (won %) 0 (0.00%) Long positions (won %) 27 (100.00%)
Profit trades (% of total) 27 (100.00%) Loss Trades (% of total) 0 (0.00%)
Largest profit trade 495.65 loss trade 0.00
Average profit trade 276.33 loss trade 0.00
Maximum consecutive wins (profit in money) 27 (7460.93) consecutive losses (loss in money) 0 (0.00)
Maximal consecutive profit (count of wins) 7460.93 (27) consecutive loss (count) 0.00 (0)
Average consecutive wins 27 consecutive losses



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