ID_Close_Rectangle – indicator for MetaTrader 5

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An indicator utility for closing (reducing the right side of the length) the rectangles to some bars/candlesticks.

Using it, you can do it in two clicks (instead of many actions, if you have to do this manually):

  • One - on the button in the control panel of this utility;
  • then another one - on the object in the chart, in the location, to which it must be reduced.

This utility works with the objects located in the main chart and with those located in its separate windows.


  • i_prefix_add_to_object_name - add prefix "cl" to the name of the object to be closed;
  • i_prefix_add_to_object_text - add prefix "cl" to the description of the object to be closed;
  • i_prefix_add_to_object_tooltip - add prefix "cl" to the tooltip of the object to be closed;
  • i_alert_if_obj_inverted - if it is true, then use Alert to warn that you clicked on the object placed in the chart from right to left, not from left to right. By default, false (these messages to be put out through Print into the Experts terminal tab);;
  • i_font_size - font size in the control panel;
  • i_y_distance - placing the control panel along the y axis in pixels (referencing from the chart top);
  • i_x_distance - placing the control panel along the x axis in pixels (referencing from the right chart edge);
  • i_button_size_base - basic size to form the buttons of the indicator control panel.

Note: If you want to reduce/close the right side of both rectangles (OBJ_RECTANGLE) and trendlines (OBJ_TREND), and/or arrowed lines (OBJ_ARROWED_LINE), then you can use utility ID_Close_Rectangle_TL_AL.


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