Futures Portfolio Control Expiration – expert for MetaTrader 5

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The Expert Advisor demonstrates the use of functions from the Current Next Futures script, which enables automatic switch to a new futures before expiration. The EA opens a position of the appropriate volume on three instruments, which are specified in input parameters. Negative volume values are used for sell positions, positive ones are for buy positions. A few hours before the expiration of the futures (specified in hours_before_expiration), the EA closes the position and opens a new one on the new futures symbol.

Input Values

  • Symbol1 - a short name of the first symbol;
  • Symbol2 - a short name of the second symbol;
  • Symbol3 - a short name of the third symbol;
  • Lot1 - volume for the first symbol;
  • Lot2 - volume for the second symbol;
  • Lot3 - volume for the third symbol;
  • hours_before_expiration - how many hours before expiration the EA should switch to a new futures symbols.

Warning: The Expert Advisor has not been tested in real trading. It is designed for use in the Strategy Tester.


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