i-BigBarsFromH1 – indicator for MetaTrader 4

Author: Kim Igor V. aka KimIV

The indicator is designed for displaying the candles of any higher timeframe on the H1 chart. It is also possible to display the candles of the non-standard timeframes: H5, H7 or H11. The upward and downward bars are filled with different colors.

The following parameters can be adjusted:

  • TFBar=6 – Period of the higher candlesticks.
  • offsetHour=-2 – Time offset. Set the formation time of the higher candlestick.
  • NumberOfBar=30 – The number of higher candlesticks.
  • ColorUp=Silver – Color of the upward candlestick.
  • ColorDown=RoyalBlue – Color of the downward candlestick.