InvertCandle_Plus – indicator for MetaTrader 5

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The inverted chart of the current financial instrument, displaying Ask and Bid price levels.

//|  INDICATOR INPUT PARAMETERS                  |
input bool AskShow=true;                       // display Ask
input color AskColor=clrBlue;                  // Ask line color
input ENUM_LINE_STYLE AskStyle=STYLE_SOLID;    // Ask line style
input bool BidShow=true;                       // display Bid
input color BidColor=clrRed;                   // Bid line color
input ENUM_LINE_STYLE BidStyle=STYLE_SOLID;    // Bid line style
input int IndicatorDigits=6;                   // indicator display accuracy format

Fig.1. Indicator InvertCandle_Plus

Fig.1. Indicator InvertCandle_Plus


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