KNUX Martingale – expert for MetaTrader 4

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This is a new version of KNUX Expert Advisor. It works with ADX, CCI, RVI and WPR indicators.

The Strategy works with Martingale. The Martingale Base was coded by Matus German. It will works on all time frames.

To optimize one proceeds as follows:

  1. Set only ADX Strategy to "true", the WPR-Strategy "false";
  2. Optimize "Main signal" settings and ADX Strategy settings;
  3. ADX Strategy set to "false" and WPR-Strategy on "true";
  4. Optimize "WPRSignal" Settings;
  5. Now, ADX Strategy and WPR Strategy set to "true" and lets Trade!!!

If you have a good set-file found, mail me and I gladly exchange with you set-Files.

If you know improvements, mail me and I'll try to fruition this.

If you find errors, mail me and I'll try to fix them.


KNUX Martingale Expert Advisor MetaTrader 4

Strategy Tester Report
XM.COM-Demo (Build 765)

Symbol EURJPY (Euro vs Japanise Yen)
Periode 1 Minute (M1) 2013.01.01 22:00 - 2014.12.26 21:59 (2013.01.01 - 2014.10.01)
Modell Jedes Ticksignal (präziseste Methode, die auf allen nächsten verfügbaren kleineren Zeitrahmen basiert)
Parameter MainSet="------ Main settings ------"; StopLoss=200; TakeProfit=8; MartingaleSet="------ Martingale settings ------"; lotsMultiplier=1.4; distanceMultiplier=1.4; Capital="=== Trade Lots Size ==="; ManualLots=0.1; AutoLot=true; Risk=15; MaxLot=100; MinLot=0.01; MainSignal="=== Main Signal Logic ==="; ADX_FilterPeriod=13; RVI_FilterPeriod=20; TimeShift=0; ADXSignal="=== ADX Signal Logic ==="; ADX_CrossPeriod=3; CCI_FilterPeriod=35; CCI_Level=175; WPRSignal="=== WPR Signal Logic ==="; WPR_Period=33; WPR_BuyRange=14; WPR_SellRange=14; WPR_ADXmaxLevel=21; WPR_ADXminLevel=5; Strategy_Mode="=== Strategy ==="; ADX_Strategy=true; WPR_Strategy=true; Times="=== Time Filters === "; TimeControl=false; TimeZone="Adjust ServerTimeZone if Required"; ServerTimeZone=1; TradingTimes="HourStopGMT > HourStartGMT"; HourStartGMT=7; HourStopGMT=22; DontTradeFriday="Dont Trade After FridayFinalHourGMT"; UseFridayFinalTradeTime=true; FridayFinalHourGMT=6; MenuSetting="------ Wiew settings ------"; showMenu=true; menuColor=Yellow; variablesColor=Red; font=10; Extras="=== Extra Settings ==="; MaxSlippage=3; Identification=35188; Auto_Ident=true;
Balken im Test 742254 Ticks modelliert 51527826 Modellierungsqualität 99.90%
Fehler in Charts-Anpassung 0
Ursprüngliche Einlage 1000.00 Spread Current (37)
Gesamt netto Profit 3101.41 Brutto Profit 6846.57 Brutto Loss -3745.16
Profit Faktor 1.83 Erwartetes Ergebnis 16.41
Drawdown absolut 424.26 Maximaler Drawdown 1631.82 (43.54%) Relative Drawdown 69.23% (1295.54)
Trades gesamt 189 Short Positionen (gewonnen %) 80 (91.25%) Long Positionen (gewonnen %) 109 (96.33%)
Profit Trades (% gesamt) 178 (94.18%) Loss Trades (% gesamtl) 11 (5.82%)
Grösster Profit Trade 1503.49 Loss Trade -802.48
Durchschnitt Profit Trade 38.46 Loss Trade -340.47
Maximum aufeinanderfolgende Gewinne (Profit in Geld) 72 (1983.42) Aufeinanderfolgende Verluste (Verlust in Geld) 2 (-1207.56)
Maximal Aufeinanderfolgender Profit (Anzahl der Gewinne) 1983.42 (72) Aufeinanderfolgende Verluste (Anzahl der Verluste) -1207.56 (2)
Durchschnitt aufeinanderfolgende Gewinne 22 aufeinanderfolgende Verluste 2



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