TrendCollector – expert for MetaTrader 4

TrendCollector is the EA based on price action, Stochastic indicator, specific EMA’s (206) crossings, and trade size variability based on ATR and time of a day.

It is also watching for the price position with regard to 204EMA and distance from this EMA.

This EA is also using the fundamental news avoidance system based on parsing news from “” feed.

External variables:

Input parameter name Type Description
EA_FAST_MA_TH int  Fast moving average treshold (treshold for the EMA4 speed)
EA_SLOW_MA_DISTANCE int  Slow moving average treshold (treshold for the EMA204 speed)
EA_MAX_OPEN_TRADES int  Number of maximum open trades
EA_MAX_OPEN_SAME_TRADES int  Number of maximum open trades in the same direction
EA_SL_PIPS int  Number of SL pips for normal trade ATR > EA_ATR_VOLATILITY_TRH
EA_TP_PIPS int  Number of TP pips for normal trade ATR > EA_ATR_VOLATILITY_TRH
EA_TP_PIPS_LV int  Number of TP pips for low volatility trade ATR < EA_ATR_VOLATILITY_TRH
EA_TRADING_START_HOUR int  Start hour of the trading session
EA_TRADING_END_HOUR int  End hour of trading session
EA_ATR_VOLATILITY_LIM double   Volatility limit (Under this ATR limit no new trades are openned)
EA_ATR_VOLATILITY_TRH  double   Volatility treshold is used to separate trades into low and high volatility trades
EA_TRADE_LOT_SIZE  double  Default LOT size for a trade
EA_SPREAD_LIMIT  int   Maximum allowable spread limit
EA_TRADE_MAX_SLIPPAGE  int   Maximum allowed slippage
EA_FREE_MARGIN_LIMIT  double   Limit for the free margin to enter the trade
EA_STOCH_UPPER_LIMIT  double   Stochastic indicator upper limit thats crossing is used to enter the trade
EA_STOCH_LOWER_LIMIT  double   Stochastic indicator lower limit thats crossing is used to enter the trade
EA_MIN_PAUSE_BTW_TRDS  int   Pause between opening trades on the same currency
EA_TIME_FRAME  ENUM_TIMEFRAMES  Default time frame used for the EA
EA_NEWS_HUNTER  bool   News hunter enabled/disabled (RSS feed is comming from:
EA_NEWS_HUNTER_TIMESPAN  long   News hunter timespan specifies the time limit for the trade enter. If the news regarding currency is closer in time then this timespan the trade is not entered.


  • This EA can be scaled for both small (100USD) and big accounts


  • Implement zone recovery algorithm in case of trades going against the open position.