Hybrid Scalper – expert for MetaTrader 4

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Hybrid Scalper is the Expert Advisor based on many indicators, best Performance with 5-digits broker, true ecn broker (spread: no more then 5 pips).


Buy/Sell will be executed depending on Stochastic trend direction and RSI.

Loss orders will be closed depending on RSI, profitable Orders will always survive (the SL/TP is modified).

The details can be found in the code.


  • Expert decide if market is not stable using Bollinger Bands and will not trade during high volatility except if you set do not Stop expert during Market Volatility(false)
  • Expert will not trade during at the end of each year except if you set do not Stop expert during Market Volatility(false)

Extra features:

  • Set Trading Days (example Monday Trade true, Tuesday Trade false etc...);
  • Set Max spread, Ea will not work if spread exceeded;
  • Magic Number for Strategy 1 (Main Strategy ) and Magic Number for Strategy 2 (Stop and reverse Strategy);
  • You can disable stop and reverse strategy by setting "Allow stop and reverse" false;
  • On each Chart where Expert is Running, Magic number 1 Number must differ from Magic Number 2;
  • Show Account info, set to true to see some essential information on your chart (Name, Leverage, Equity, Magic Numbers);
  • Enable push notification set to true to receive a push notification and an email on each trade including (Good time to go long/short symbol, spread, equity, etc...)'
  • Send Saturday Report : Set to true , to receive each Saturday a report about Balance , equity, total profit/loss , Margin , Free Margin 

Hybrid Scalper Expert Advisor MetaTrader 4


  • Unstable version, use only on demo account;
  • Expert can make good profit in 3 to 4 years, and can also drain the entire account balance in 3 to 4 years;
  • Take a look at the Graph.


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