Coensio Swing Trader EA CSTV06 – expert for MetaTrader 4

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Coensio Swing Trader makes it possible to trade semi-automatically using manually pre-defined support/resistance or breakout levels.

EA sends automatically orders according to predefined trading direction which can be defined as simply as drawing a line on the chart. Trading SR and breakouts was never so easy.

EA trading instructions:

  1. Load EA on chart and set desired parameters: StopLoss, Takeprofit, Lots, EntryThreshold, Trailing StopLoss etc.
  2. Draw a breakout/trendline on chart (Insert->Lines->Trednline).
  3. Rename trendline according to desired trade direction "gl" = long; "gs" = short.
  4. Move Blue and Red line to adjust TakeProfit/StopLoss levels.
  5. To enable proportional risk management, set Lots=0; and e.g.: RiskMax=2 (in % of account equity based on StopLoss size).
  6. When FalseBreakClose=true, order will be closed when entry candle turns and closes in the wrong direction.

Coensio Swing Trader V04


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