The SmartAssTrade-V2 Forex Expert Advisor – expert for MetaTrader 4

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The SmartAssTrade-V2 Forex Expert Advisor (EA) is a new update for SmartAssTrade EA Version 1 (old version) in Code Base MQL4.

SmartAssTrade-V2 EA Only working on M30 Timeframes or PERIOD_M30.

If used on other timeframes may be lost.

SmartAssTrade-V2 Expert Properties (Default setting):

//--- User Input
input string     SmartAssTradeV2 = "Copyright © 2014 3RJ ~ Roy Philips-Jacobs";
input string   SmartAssTradeV2TF = "SmartAssTrade-V2 EA's Only Use on M30 Timeframes";
input int  SmartAssTradeV2Period = PERIOD_M30;
extern bool          FridayTrade = True;   // If True, EA still trading at Friday
input string    OptimizationLots = "Set LotsOptimization=True";
extern bool     LotsOptimization = True;   // If True, Lots wil calculation by EA, default Lots size = 0.01"
extern double               Lots = 0.01;   // If LotsOptimization=False, Lots adjusted by user
extern int          MaxOpenOrder = 12;     // Maximum Allowed for Open Order (Maximum Pairs to Trade = 12 pairs)
input string   AutomaticSystemTP = "Set AutomaticTakeProfit=True or False";
extern bool  AutomaticTakeProfit = True;   // TP will calculation by EA and Automatic TP by EA
extern bool  NoMinimumTakeProfit = False;  // True or False -> If Set True, 100% TP by EA not use minimum TP.
input string     MinimumSystemTP = "If Set NoMinimumTakeProfit=False"; // TP by EA on minimum TP values
extern double          MinimumTP = 27;     // Minimum TP by EA on the AutomaticTakeProfit=True function, default value 27
input string      ManualSystemTP = "If Set AutomaticTakeProfit=False"; // TP by Terminal MT4 (same as manual trading)
extern double         TakeProfit = 35;     // TP by System, values can adjust by user, default value 35
input string   AutomaticSystemSL = "Set AutomaticStopLoss=True";
extern bool    AutomaticStopLoss = True;   // SL will calculation by EA
input string      ManualSystemSL = "If Set AutomaticStopLoss=False"; // SL values can adjusted by user
extern double           StopLoss = 62;     // SL adjusted by user, default value 62
extern bool      UseTrailingStop = False;  // Use Trailing Stop, True (Yes) or False (Not)
extern double       TrailingStop = 30.0;   // If Use Trailing Stop True, input Trailing Stop Value, default value 30
extern double   TrailingStopStep = 1.0;    // Input Trailing Stop Step Value (default 1.0)

In testing below, I used the Lots size = 1.00 (LotsOptimization = False) with the default settings mentioned above.

May be useful for fellow traders.

The SmartAssTrade-V2 Forex Expert Advisor

The SmartAssTrade-V2 Forex Expert Advisor


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