up3x1 Investor – expert for MetaTrader 5

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Author of the idea: PPP, MQL5 code author: barabashkakvn.

The Expert Advisor's trading is focused on the panic caused by the releases of important economic indicators in the FOREX market: we analyze the candlestick's High-Low and Open-Close values.

The Expert Advisor parameters are configured for trading EUR/USD on H1. Recommended initial deposit is $1000 or higher. You can try to increase profit by increasing the risk factor, but it is better to stick to money management rules and use them as is.

Input Parameters

  • Trade parameters
    • Stop Loss (in pips) - Stop Loss value.
    • Take Profit (in pips) - Take Profit value.
    • Trailing Stop (in pips) - trailing value.
    • Trailing Step (in pips) - trailing step value.
    • Risk in percent for a deal from a free margin - risk per trade as percent of free margin.
    • Decreased factor (based on the history of trading) - this factor is used in case of having losing trades.
    • History days (only if "Decreased factor" > 0) - the number of days for analyzing the trading history.
  • Difference parameters
    • Difference high#1 minus low#1 (in pips) - the minimum value of candlestick's High minus Low;
    • Difference open#1 minus close#1 (in pips) - the minimum value of candlestick's Open minus Close.

Example if testing on EURUSD, H1:

up3x1 Investor - expert for MetaTrader 5


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