EMAVFS – indicator for MetaTrader 5

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Real author: Stanislav Bulashev

Exponential moving average with a variable smoothing factor.

input double Wmin=0;                      // minimum sensitivity  
input double Wmax=5;                      // maximum sensitivity
input double Efactor=1.01;                // factor E (change the value near one for the tenth and hundredth shares) 
input double Afactor=1.001;               // degree A (change the value near one for the tenth and hundredth shares)                   
input Applied_price_ IPC=PRICE_CLOSE_;    // price constant
input int Shift=0;                        // horizontal shift of the indicator in bars
input int PriceShift=0;                   // vertical shift of the indicator in points

This indicator is compiled as both an MQL5 indicator and an MQL4 indicator, for which the extension of the indicator code should be changed for mq4, place the code in <terminal_data_directory MetaTrader4>\MQL4\Indicators, and compile it using the relevant code editor.

Fig.1. Indicator EMAVFS

Fig.1. Indicator EMAVFS


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