Bleris – Hedging Strategy – expert for MetaTrader 4

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Bleris - Hedging Strategy - expert for MetaTrader 4

Please remember I hate Martingale strategies but I use it in small in this system. If you're optimizing Bleris, please remember to use fixed Lots value.

Very important is drawdown below $3000 (not %). This is the only basis of the whole system. If you help me significantly improve it, your credit will be added.

Bleris Pro Version is here in the Market:  

Real author:

Tomas Hrubý - ČR. Tomac1

This strategy uses hedging if trend changes.

It is able to change it for Martingale strategy with variables EscapeLossUSDRatio, EscapeLotsMultiplier, OppositeLotsMultiplier but I cannot recommend it. Some of the strategy optimization results passed forward test but there are too many ways to improve it.

I made this strategy for real trading account, but the reason why I am sharing it now is that I want to get some tips and tricks from you. If you will share your ideas I can share with you the final concept of Bleris strategy.

I made some advanced and successful systems in the past. I am looking for another systems which can pass forward tests and can be used for real trading without big losses.

Commented Code:

I commented the code for easier understanding and improving.

Bleris - Hedging Strategy Expert Advisor MetaTrader 4


Strategy will be presented at and later with all of you guys ;-)


Bleris - Hedging Strategy - expert for MetaTrader 4

One of the optimization results USDJPY, backtested with M5 period. Other pairs give better results.
You can find settings for optimization in the attached file.

Guys. She can trade and she's for free! ;-)


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