AutoSLTP – expert for MetaTrader 5

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Author of the idea: Vladimir Khlystov, mq5 code author: barabashkakvn.

This assistant tool sets Stop Loss and Take Profit for all open orders. Symbol settings, position type, Stop Loss and Take Profit are specified in an external file.

Requirement for the configuration file

The file should be saved as "AutoSLTP.txt" in [data folder]\MQL5\Files\AutoSLTP\AutoSLTP.txt

The format of writing to the file

A separate line is written for each symbol and position type. The format of entry:

[symbol name]*[position type]*[stop loss]*[take profit]


  • [symbol name] - is the name of the traded symbol;
  • [position type] sets the type of position to be opened. It can be either "POSITION_TYPE_BUY" or "POSITION_TYPE_SELL".
  • [stop loss] - Stop Loss. Set as integer values.
  • [take profit] - Take Profit. Set as integer values.

An example of the settings file



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