NDuet – indicator for MetaTrader 4

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Author: Tartan

NDuet - indicator for MetaTrader 4


Details on its usage.
Attach three indicators to the chart (ADXCross, NDuet and SUrovny)
The first two place entry arrows at the interval of 1-2 bars from each other
- this is an entry with cross-confirmation, use it to enter.
Also plot ЕМА55 on the chart (it is involved, but there is no buffer for it)
The third indicator will put its confirmation arrow much later, but reliably.
If the first 2 signals have not been confirmed by the third indicator, and
the price reversed and ЕМА55 went inside the channel - close by market - this will
either be zero, a small plus or a small minus, then wait for the next signal.
Such tactic allows to avoid large risks and drawdowns, and also there is no
need for a stop loss - the position of ЕМА55 relative to the channel will serve as a stop. */


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