eaTemplate – expert for MetaTrader 4

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The template code of Expert Advisor.

It contains basic features and functions required for the developing the Expert Advisor:

  • Calculation of point for the 3-5 digit pairs;
  • Setup takeprofit and stoploss;
  • Identification number for tEA's orders - Magic number;
  • Ability to set a fixed trade volume;
  • The function of money management - calculation of the trade volume, based on a specified percentage of the current balance;
  • Ability for opening of the order in 2 steps (open the order, and then the set stops) - work on the ECN - accounts;
  • Ability to open positions in the opposite direction from the trading signal;
  • Limitation of work regarding of the maximum size of the spread;
  • Setting the maximum possible deviation of the price;
  • Placing Orders in several attempts in case of failure (the default count of attempts=10);
  • Function to calculate the total profits of EA's positions in the currency;
  • Function to close all EA's positions and orders;
  • Error Logging.


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