Trailing_Profit – expert for MetaTrader 5

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Author of the idea — Vitaly, author of the MQL5 code — barabashkakvn.

The Expert Advisor manages all open positions in the terminal (on all symbols and with all magic numbers). If the total profit has not reached "minimum_profit", the EA waits.

If the total profit has reached "minimum_profit", the EA sets a percent of profit drawdown and enables tracking.

The "percent_of_profit" parameter is specified in percent. For example, "minimum_profit" = 1000 and "percent_of_profit" 20. The total profit of all open positions has reached 1000. If the profit falls to 800 (1000 - 20%), positions will be closed. If the profit continues to grow, for example up to 2000, the allowable drawdown will be equal to 400 (2000 - 20%). That is, all positions will be closed with the total profit of 1600. There is no fixed drawdown limit, as I do not find it useful to use absolute values.

In theory, it is possible to set percentage = 0. It will function as a total Take Profit. It is possible to set percentage = 100, it will function as breakeven (do not forget, as some orders are being closed, others may become losing).

Attention! The Expert Advisor works with the 3-second interval:

void OnTick()
//--- allow work every three seconds
   static datetime prev_time=0;
   datetime time_current=TimeCurrent();


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