Analyze History – expert for MetaTrader 4

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Have you ever wondered if your history files are complete or have gaps (i.e. data missing for some periods of time) ?

This EA reports all the gaps in your history file for the symbol and timeframe selected.


Launch the EA in the strategy tester with 'Use date' checkbox unticked and 'Open prices only' modeling for the symbol and timeframe you want to check.

Analyze History

The EA will print out all the history gaps in the log.

EA to find gaps in history data.

Gaps over the weekend are ignored (provided that broker closes on Friday and reopens on Sunday), but possible gaps over festivities (e.g. Xmas) are reported.

The only input parameter MinGapInBars can be used to filter out gaps shorter than a certain amount of bars, for instance to ignore tiny gaps due to lack of trades on the broker during periods with low liquidity.


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