Exp_Kolier_SuperTrend_X2 – expert for MetaTrader 5

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The Exp_Kolier_SuperTrend_X2 trend trading system based on the signals from two Kolier_SuperTrend indicators. The first indicator determines the direction of the slow trend based on the line color. The second indicator determines the moment for opening a trade, when the line color changes. The signal is formed when a bar is closing if two conditions are met:

  1. Signals of the fast and slow trend match;
  2. Direction of the fast trend has changed.

Expert Advisor input parameters:

//| Input parameters of the EA indicator            |
input string Trade="Trade management";    //+================ TRADE MANAGEMENT ================+  
input double MM=0.1;              //Share of a deposit in a deal
input MarginMode MMMode=LOT;      //Lot value detection method
input uint    StopLoss_=1000;     //Stop Loss in points
input uint    TakeProfit_=2000;   //Take Profit in points
input string MustTrade="Trade permissions";    //+=============== TRADE PERMISSIONS ===============+  
input int    Deviation_=10;       //Max price deviation in points
input bool   BuyPosOpen=true;     //Permission to enter long positions
input bool   SellPosOpen=true;    //Permission to enter short positions
//| Input parameters of the filter indicator        |
input string Filter="SLOW TREND PARAMETERS";    //+============== TREND PARAMETERS ==============+  
input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES TimeFrame=PERIOD_H6;  //1 Chart period for the trend
input Mode TrendMode=NewWay;                //Display variant
input uint ATR_Period=10;
input double ATR_Multiplier=3.0;
input uint SignalBar=1; //Bar index to receive the entry signal
input bool   BuyPosClose=true;     //Permission to exit long positions by trend
input bool   SellPosClose=true;    //Permission to exit short positions by trend
//| Input parameters of the entry indicator         |
input string Input="ENTRY PARAMETERS";       //+=============== ENTRY PARAMETERS ==============+  
input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES TimeFrame_=PERIOD_M30;  //2 Chart period for entry
input Mode TrendMode_=NewWay;                 //Display variant
input uint ATR_Period_=10;
input double ATR_Multiplier_=3.0;
input uint SignalBar_=1;//Bar index to receive an entry signal
input bool   BuyPosClose_=false;     //Permission to exit long positions by signal
input bool   SellPosClose_=false;    //Permission to exit short positions by signal

String variables containing text in the inputs code are included only for better visual display of the EA inputs window.

The Kolier_SuperTrend_HTF indicators in the EA are only intended for a more convenient visualization of trends in the strategy tester, in other operation modes they are inactive.

In order to provide the proper operation of the generated Expert Advisor, place Kolier_SuperTrend.ex5 и Kolier_SuperTrend_HTF.ex5 compiled files to <terminal_data_folder>MQL5Indicators.

Note that the TradeAlgorithms.mqh library file allows using Expert Advisors with brokers who offer nonzero spread and the option of setting Stop Loss and Take Profit together with position opening. You can download more variants of the library at the following link: Trade Algorithms.

Default Expert Advisor's input parameters have been used during the tests shown below. Stop Loss and Take Profit have not been used during the tests.

Fig. 1. Examples of deals on the chart

Fig. 1. Examples of deals on the chart

Testing results for 2015 on EURUSD, slow trend on H6, entry by fast trend on M30:

Fig. 2. Chart of testing results

Fig. 2. Chart of testing results


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