ForexDegrees – indicator for MetaTrader 4

ForexDegrees is a Forex Indicator for MetaTrader 4 with Movement Alerts.

This indicator will write value degrees of the lastest position of Price / MA / WPR / RSI / Stochastic at the current Timeframes, and the position degrees calculated from Highest and Lowest price on 100 bars.

And when position and condition of trend status change, the indicator will give an alerts.



 ForexDegrees Properties

On this indicator, you can select the position calculations degree that you want: see the indicator properties above

As you know, the highest degree in the Chart (Main Chart or Sub-Window) is 90 degrees, and the lowest level on the chart (Main Chart or Sub-Window) is 270 degrees, and the middle is 0 degrees or 360 degrees.

  • RSI 70, a value equal to 36 Degrees
  • RSI 30, a value equal to 324 Degrees
  • WPR 80 (WPR -20), a value equal to 54 Degrees
  • WPR 20 (WPR -80) , a value equal to 306 Degrees
  • Stochastic 80, a value equal to 54 Degrees
  • Stochastic 20, a value equal to 306 Degrees

You can only choose one of the calculations degrees available: Price or MA or WPR or RSI or Stochastic.

If you choose the wrong, or choose two calculations degrees, then the indicator will automatically restore the default setting, which is Price Degrees.

May be useful for fellow trader.