Close Cross MA – expert for MetaTrader 4

Close Cross MA: 3.00

Stealth Mode: The EA will close all open orders across all charts corresponding to the EA chart symbol when Bid or Ask is equal to or crosses the MA. For Buy orders the condition is met when Bid is equal or less than MA. For Sell orders the condition is met when Ask is equal or greater than MA.

Price gaps in Stealth Mode: If current price gaps past the MA, the EA will close all relevant open orders at the first available price.

Spread Mode: The EA will close all open orders across all charts corresponding to the EA chart symbol when MA price falls between the Bid-Ask spread. In this condition, Bid is lower than the MA price and simultaneously Ask is higher than the MA price. This condition is true for both Buy and Sell orders.

Price gaps in Spread Mode: If current price gaps past the MA, both Bid and Ask will either be greater than MA or lesser than MA. All relevant open orders will remain open until the current price retraces back to the MA and the MA price falls between the Ask-Bid spread or until relevant open orders are closed manually.

  • Note: Check that the chart MA and EA parameters match each other exactly with respect to MA Period, MA Shift, MA Method and MA Applied Price.
  • Changed parameters can be saved, named and loaded for re-use from the Save & Load buttons. See EA Properties Inputs Tab (F7 → Inputs Tab → Save, Load Buttons).
  • Chart PopUp and Sound alert and Push Notification for mobile options.

Enable/Disable Order Close function : Click on chart –> | close on ^ | close off .

Close Order on/off


  • The Experts button has been renamed to AutoTrading and also works in a different way. See – – for further information.
  • In order for an EA to discriminate control over any particular order and actions of other EAs, it must have access to the order’s assigned magic number. It is not possible to assign magic numbers to order opened manually. As orders are opened manually and only closed by the EA the absence of magic number results in EA function limitations as highlighted below.
  • For more information see – Magic Number: “Magic” Identifier of the Order – Quote from article/1359: when an order is being placed (a position is being opened), one can assign a unique number to it. This number will consequently be used to distinguish the above order from others. There is no use (or even possibility) applying this feature when trading manually.
  1. The EA will close all open trades for the symbol of the chart to which it is attached and all open trades on charts of the same symbol to which is not attached.
  2. Do not use the EA on more than one chart of the same symbol at the same time. This will frequently result in all open trades on all same symbol charts being closed by the first EA to meet any OrderClose() conditions.

Note: The EA will close all open positions across all charts only of the same symbol to which the EA is attached. Open positions of different symbols will remain open.

Push Notification: iOS and Android

  1. Push Notifications are fast, fail safe and easy to set up.
  2. First install MetaTrader 4 on a Mobile Device.
  3. Locate MetaQuotes ID. See – Settings and Messages in MetaTrader 4 Mobile.
  4. Enter MetaQuotes ID in Client Terminal of MetaTrader 4 on computer (Tools → Options → Notifications).
  5. Note: The same MetaQuotes ID can be used with multiple Client Terminals (different Brokers).
  6. Click the Test Button.
  7. Open up MetaTrader 4 Terminal (Ctrl + T) and select the Journal Tab and check under Messages if the the Test was successful.
  8. Check that the test message has been received on the mobile device.
  9. Once a successful Test is obtained Push Notification Alerts can be set in the EA.
  10. Important: Ensure that your mobile device has sound turned on for notifications and also ensure MetaTrader 4 mobile is included in your phone Notifications or Messaging setting.
  11. If further clarification is required, google and youtube “MT4 push notification.”

Push Notifications

Please note:
The EA only notifies of trades closed not any other trade transaction.
If ‘Notify of trade transactions’ is checked, the user will receive
notifications of all trade transactions.

To view images of similar Push Notifications as received on iOS and Android devices – Here (Scroll down to Push Notification).