Forex Panca Eagle Trading System

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Forex Panca Eagle Trading System

Forex Panca Eagle Trading System

Panca Eagle forex strategy basically a method for determing support and resistance breakouts. The idea of this strategy is to determine previous range and take trading opportunities once the box is broken (with borders acting as support and resistance areas) using as a trigger the breaks above and below that range. Panca eagle indicator is simple enough to understand. It is not complicated to use; we just simply have to wait for a breakout above or below the green zone. As such, it requires no special skills in order to use it.

What you need

  • – Any pairs, EURUSD or GBPJPY recommended.
  • – Timeframe 30M – Panca Eagle Indicators
  • – EMA 5 (red line) and EMA 13 (yellow line)
  • – RSI 14 level 45 – 55
  • – Toptrend Indicators to avoid false signal.

Panca-Eagle Break Out Strategy rules:
1. Trading Hour:
You have to wait for the bars to get past the red box before you place an order at 10.30-21.00 WIB (GMT +7) in TF :30 Minute
2. Only 1 Buy & 1 Sell
3. No More Than 5-10% Equity each open trade
4. Minimum Take Profit = +10 pips for GU or GJ Pips protect, secure + 10 pips when your running profit +30 Trailing Stop 15 pips (optional)
5. You can use Pending Order : TP 30 ans SL 30 , Buy and Sell at Green Area After past the Box. But Recommended If You use instant execution.

6. How To Entry:
Buy when :

  • The price enter upper box green area after past the red Box
  • EMA 5 (red line) Upper EMA 13 (yellow line)
  • RSI above 55 level

Sell when :

  • The price enter bottom box green area after past the red box
  • EMA 5 (red line) Below EMA 13 (yellow line)
  • RSI below 45 level

Download Free Forex Panca Eagle Trading System


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