Binario – expert for MetaTrader 5

Idea by: Scriptor.

MQL5 code by: Vladimir Karputov.

Working with pending orders Buy Stop and Sell Stop. A channel of two indicators iMA (Moving Average, MA).

Input parameters

  • Take Profit – Take Profit;
  • Trailing Stop – trailing;
  • Trailing Step – trailing step;
  • Lots – lot size is set manually (a NECESSARY CONDITION: Risk must be equal to zero!);
  • Risk – lot size is calculated automatically, in risk percents per trade (a NECESSARY CONDITION: “Lots” must be equal to zero!);
  • Difference – offsets from the channel borders;
  • Expert Every Tick – enable/disable working on every tick;
  • MA PRICE_HIGH and PRICE_LOW: averaging period – indicators averaging period;
  • MA PRICE_HIGH and PRICE_LOW: horizontal shift – indicators horizontal shift;
  • MA PRICE_HIGH: smoothing type – averaging type for indicator calculated by High prices;
  • MA PRICE_LOW: smoothing type – averaging type for indicator calculated by Low prices;
  • magic number – unique identifier for the EA.

Trading idea: Forming a channel of two indicators iMA (Moving Average, MA) – one based on prices PRICE_HIGH and another one on PRICE_LOW. Pending Buy Stop and Sell Stop orders are placed at the channel boarders. The calculation is on the break-through (catching a strong movement).

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Binario signals

The EA can work in modes: On every tick and only when a new bar appears. The mode is defined by parameter Expert Every Tick. An example of how parameter Expert Every Tick affects the EA operation, exemplified by EURUSD,D1:

Binario Expert Every Tick false

Binario Expert Every Tick true

Please note that this strategy may have dead seasons, i.e., the times without any entrances, the period of no rollbacks for a currency pair:

Binario Dead season

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