Choppiness_IndexH – indicator for MetaTrader 5

Oscillator Choppiness Index is intended for assessing the market situation. It identifies three states:

  1. Trend
  2. Flat
  3. Instable consolidation

This indicator is made as an oscillating histogram with the zero central point.

The indicator informs on the market state with the different colors of the histogram bars:

  • Trend is displayed in green
  • Starting/ending trend is displayed in pale green
  • Transition from trend to flat or from flat to trend is displayed in pale blue
  • Flat is displayed in blue
  • Instable consolidation is displayed in red

Values below -11.8 indicates a trend in the market, while values above 11.8 indicate a flat. Values close to 50 indicate an instable consolidation.
The lower the oscillator value is within the negative area, the more expressed the trend component is on the market.

The indicator has four configured parameters:

  • Period – calculation period
  • Trend level – trend boundary level
  • Choppiness level – flat boundary level
  • Consolidation level – consolidation boundary level


CI = 100.0 * log10( SumATR / ( MaxHigh - MinLow)) / log10X - 50.0


log10X = log10(Period) ATR = ATR(1) SumATR - sum of ATR over the Period MaxHigh - maximum High value within the Period MinLow- minimum Low value within the Period

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