Copy Tick and History From MT4 to MT5 real time. – expert for MetaTrader 5

Thank you @fxsaber for the Symbol library.

Please Download the Project from Here: MT4
To MT5 Ticks

I am not able to publish the code here. Please download it from the Google drive link above.

Lets take a look at the instruction for deployment.

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In MT5:

  1. Copy the complete project in the Experts directory  of the MQL5 as it is.
  2. Compile MT5.mq5 once to make sure it is working.

In MT4:

  1. Copy the complete project in the Experts Directory of the MQL4 as it is.
  2. Copy the sym_port.txt in the MQL4 —> Files Directory. (I could not load the file from the same folder. So I have to
    move it to teh files folder. I was not able to find a method for its inclusion, if someone has idea please share so I can neglect this
  3. Compile the MT4.mq4 file once to make sure it is working.


First apply the MT4.mq4 on the chart.

Then apply the MT5 on the chart of the same symbol. Otherwise it will not work.

Have a look at the image:


This is free code and I am always open for suggestions to improve it. I will not permit anyone to make a product and sell the code. Please try
remaining ethical.

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