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EA CrazyCTrader 1.1

CrazyCTrader EA Worth $256

A unique Expert Advisor Forex EA CrazyCTrader 1.1 – get 400 % daily! – the super crazy-profitable new trade robot for Metatrader 5 & Metatrader 4!

Thanks to combining four trade alghorythms (Pyramiding, Averaging,Scalping and Hedging) and two-pair CONSTANT high frequency scalping, depending on EA settings,

it can increase your deposit from 100% / month to a dazzling 400% / day! Of course, 400% per day uses maximum deposit load and is very risky. So it should be used only for small deposits, and for bigger ones settings should be more conservative.

Two pairs for which it was tested are EURUSD and USDFCHF- highly correlated pairs (can be changed). Timeframe is 1H. A 5-digit brokersupported.

Minimum balance of 1000$ stranded account(it could work with even lower deposite)
Work on EURUSD and USDFCHF – highly correlated pairs (can be changed).
Work best on 1H (Work on any time frame)

Low Spread ECN account is also recommended (Find the Perfect Broker For You Here)


This EA scalps DIVERGENCE and always trades in one direction on both EURUSDandUSDFCHF- negatively correlated pairs, either buy or sell according to pair divergence (difference), calculated from some bars ago (ZeroCrossBarNumberparameter) .

So there’s some kind of protective hedging. When divergence is greater than DeltaMinToOpenand less than DeltaMaxToOpenit waits untill current price to last bar price ratio is greater than ConfirmReversalRatioparameter,
to be sure that divergence is closing and only then EA opens its position.

There’s a protecting logic – when the divergense starts to expand out of control, EA opens new HEDGING positions – against trend or trendwise. So sometimes it turns into pyramiding, sometimes into averaging, to move overall summary result to a positive profit.

But even then it does not close all positions (CloseAllOnProfit parameter). If CloseAllOnProfitis set to false, it lets the profit flow which results in constant hour bar scalping. It was formerly a bug, but turned into a feature))

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