CSPA 1.43 – expert for MetaTrader 4

CSPA is a multi currency Expert Advisor, it uses the currency strengths to open trades on the best pairs.

It uses both a long period currency strength and a short period of which you can set. It also uses an RSI for confirmation. It also uses the a news filter, many thanks to Tim Morris from Forex Factory. Just add it to one chart and it will trade all the enabled pairs from the settings.

You will need to download the news indicator from Tim Morris NewsCalv107.

If you would like to backtest this EA you will need to export all the data for all the pairs and set the Shift to 1 on both long and short time frames. A full description will on all the settings will come shortly.

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Suggestions and comments will not be attended to by myself, however Pedro may be able to help.

Many thanks to:

  • Pedro Simao – Contributer of ideas and a good friend
  • Tim Morris – I borrowed your News Indicator.
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