EA forex Open lock 5.9.0 -[Worth $299]- Free Download


Advisor helps to reduce the drawdown on the account.

For this, the unprofitable transaction is divided into many small parts, each of which is closed by the adviser separately.

Possible work in tandem with other advisers. For example, when your advisor has accumulated a loss, Open Lock can turn it off and take the deal with you.



  1. Locking to prevent an increase in drawdown;
  2. Averaging orders that are necessary to close the loss;
  3. Partial closing to reduce the load on the deposit.

The averaging orders are opened with small lots so as not to burden the deposit.

The profit on these orders is used to partially close the further loss-making positions.

After closing the averaging positions, the adviser aligns the lock.


  • Language – the language of the control panel interface
  • Magic number – unique number of averaging orders. It should not coincide with the magic numbers of other advisors


  • Locking – includes full locking of positions on a financial instrument. If 5 lots are opened for Buy, the adviser will open 5 more lots for Sell. Thus, the loss on the account ceases to increase.
  • Averaging orders
    • Lot – lot size for the first transaction
    • Step – distance in pips between orders
    • Direction – in which direction the averaging orders will open
  • Closing Orders
    • The choice of orders , with which the advisor works. You can choose all the orders or some specific one. Only unprofitable orders are displayed in the list
    • Lot – which lot will be closed from a losing trade. If the parameter is equal to 0.2, and the transaction is opened by lot 1.0, the adviser will close such a transaction in 5 steps
    • Profit is the minimum profit that should be at the closing of the averaging orders and the part of the loss-making order

The EA removes all SL and TP levels. This is necessary for correct operation.

When specifying the direction of trade, you should set the averaging lot more than the lot you are closing.

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