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Forex inControl Reborn EA is a fully automated Forex robot, usually priced at $310. Forex inControl is an EA that can work simultaneously: as a single system on the account and in combination with any other EA. It does not open orders all the time, but waits for the best time to enter the market. This allows trading with multiple EA’s on one account at the same time, without large retracements.

This EA allows to specify exactly the maximum possible retracement, so in no case you will lose more than expected. In the represented EA, we apply a technology that automatically sets a stop loss for all orders at such a price that it will not cost you more than the dollar specified in the EA settings.

Available only for EURGBP , AUDUSD vs
European RGBP
Minimum deposit: 0.01 lot $320
Time Range: M30
Sometimes, Forex inControl Reborn does not open new orders for a few days. Therefore, do not worry if the EA does not start trading immediately after installation. the EA performs calculations and finds the best time to enter the market. Sometimes it may take a few days.

Specification of parameters:
AutoLot – Turning ON and turning OFF of automatic lot calculating. Calculating is based on the size of a
deposit in MaxDrawDown. If set as “false” the lot size should be set manually in ManualLot setting.
Compaunding – If set “true” lot calculation will be calculating on the principle of compound interest. This is
more profitable and more risky method at the same time.
MaxDrawDown – This parameter is used so that in case of unforeseen circumstances, you would not lose
more money than is specified in it. Here you should specify the percentage of the deposit, which you will trade.
MaxDrawDown should be set if AutoLot is turned on. If AutoLot is turned off MaxDrawDown doesn’t work.
ManualLot – Here you can manually set the lot size. It works only if AutoLot is turned OFF. If you set Lot
manually, MaxDrawDown will be selected automatically based on your lot.
Slippage – Maximum of the price slippage for buying or selling orders.
CloseAll – This parameter is only needed if you want to completely close all orders opened by the advisor. In
order to the advisor be able to open orders again, you need to set a value as “false”.

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