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    Posted by s on September 20, 2021 at 04:28

    Automatic Trendlines Indicator

    Trend lines are one of the key tools of classical technical analysis and are used by almost all traders. This is because they can be easily drawn and have proven to be very effective. However, these lines often cause some misunderstandings among traders due to the following factors: frequent redrawing of trend lines, false or real breakouts, and too many trend lines that can be drawn using extreme values. Therefore, drawing valid trendlines can be problematic for both experienced and novice traders. Automatic Trendline Indicator will help you to solve this problem.

    It is an indicator that shows the most effective trend lines on the chart . It automatically plots only the trend lines with which the price is most likely to interact.

    A mathematical function and several filters allow to display the most important lines on the chart, located behind the indicator.

    The indicator responds quickly to market conditions. If a new extreme value of the price appears, the trend line changes its slope; if the trend turns in the opposite direction or shifts to flat, the old trend line that is no longer valid is removed.

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