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    Posted by s on April 8, 2021 at 04:11

    DecisionBar trading is real trading. As a DecisionBar Trader, you will not be
    countless indicators that send different signals or try to evaluate mysterious mathematical
    relationships. As a DecisionBar Trader, you will understand that successful trading comes down to accomplishing four things.
    1) Determine when a potential trade exists.
    2) Determining the direction of the trade.
    3) Deciding if you should trade.
    4) Deciding when to exit the trade.

    It can also help you determine when to terminate a trade and stop loss based on your risk tolerance and market volatility.
    Our Risk Oscillator will help you decide whether to trade and
    Any other method or indicator you wish to use.
    The DecisionBar Strategy Indicator is our primary indicator. As described in the DecisionBar Trading Manual, it is important to optimize the strategy indicators for the instrument you are trading.
    The optimal sensitivity settings are different for each trading instrument and for each time horizon. Knowing how and when to optimize these settings is the key to success.

    Sensitivity settings are reversed settings. In other words, the lower the setting, the higher the
    the higher the sensitivity. Higher sensitivity settings (lower numbers) will provide you with more trading signals. The lower
    sensitivity setting (higher number) will give you less trading signals.
    The default setting for high and low sensitivity is 15/15. For
    these settings are too low for today’s volatile markets.
    Remember, the higher the setting, the lower the sensitivity. A setting of 30/30 is a good
    starting point. For more volatile stocks and futures with a wide range, eMinis and especially forex trading, you may have to go to 40 / 40, 50 / 50 or even higher.
    The idea is to try to filter random moves while picking up small to large trends.
    Usually, both high and low sensitivity should be set to the same number.
    To determine the correct setting, look at your charts. If the indicator is giving you too many signals and a lot of “pull” (moving in and out of positions too quickly for many near break-even trades), lower the sensitivity (by increasing the sensitivity setting).
    The lowest sensitivity setting is the correct setting.

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