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  • EA VST V5 Cost $199 Free Download

    Posted by s on March 27, 2021 at 20:04

    Platform Meta Trader 4/5. 500 deposit recommended. broker hides TP and SL levels, so broker does not see your TP and SL levels. You will see TP and SL on the chart, marked with a dashed line. EA is used with all accounts MT4 and MT5. (sub, micro, standard, ecn)


    VST-V5.ex4 Add Folder Expert IndiVST4 + FFCal Add Folder Indicator

    Go to the “Tools – Options” tab, then select

    Allow automatic trading – Yes, and Allow DLL import – Yes



    Batch 0.02 and Batch Step 0.01 = deposit 1000 and get order profit 20. Batch 0.10 and Batch Step 0.01 = deposit 10000 and get order profit 200. order profit – shows the balance of all open positions without spreads. Order profit setting 20 = 20 currency

    Stop Loss – for additional security, you will set a slap on the wrist for your deposit, which is usually the maximum of 22 deposits that can be accommodated in an open position. The standard is about to reach 100% and you will change to the special percentage.

    All settings in the mechanic’s hand are standard for ECN accounts, if your account has a better spread of 1-2 pips, change the settings: Order Step: 70-100 Take Profit: 70-100 Stop Loss: 70-100 (70-100 is 7-10 pips)

    Cent, Micro, Standard, etc. It is not the ECN broker that has a limit setting order step, so that you want to set a minimum of 80 of these three parameters. If you want to change any of the parameters, just click “true” or “false” on each parameter and accept it.

    Close orders before news – Select true to close all positions before news, while false will not close them. Close before 15:00 – close before a quarter of an hour of the latest news. High impact USD and EUR news – select false to select EA open positions before high impact news, if you select “true” then EA is always closed.

    News before leaving with news wide open – about 60 EA and no important news published before and after opening position.

    Download link

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