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    Posted by s on April 6, 2021 at 22:21

    1 Trade Levels – This indicator replaces the need to display the MT4 build-in trade level lines, which clutter the chart and cannot be customized. Our indicator displays trade entry points and levels, the level for the average of all EPs (permits variable sizes), and the levels of your TP and SL. Lines are color coded, include labels (including a Profit/Loss label), and make for a cleaner chart while providing much better information to help you manage your trade.

    #2 Access Panel – This indicator gives you access to a number of charting features, including a Clock, special Bid and Ask lines, the display of Levels, “Natural” Fibos, time zone adjustable Pivots, Range H/L marks for the day and week, special vertical day Separators and vLines that mark the start-end of important markets during the day. Take note that some of the features mentioned here you will find turned “Off” on the sample templates. You will have to use the External Inputs provided to turn them “On. This indicator has many External Inputs for customizing. Daylight Savings Time considerations are fully automatic. A proper chart display is not dependent on live data feed. However, this indicator has a critical setup procedure users must follow, so read the User Notes!

    #3 FFCAL Panel – This indicator lists up to four coming events that can affect market volatility, using prioritizing code for best assurance of “early warning.”

    #4 Trend Suite – This indicator provides a variety of ways you can display a moving average line: a dot filled band, a simple line or multiple lines, and a solid colored configuration. By default, this is set to draw a 50 EMA, a good choice replacing the need to display more than one moving average line.

    #5 Candles Suite – This indicator draws PVA (Price-Volume Analysis) bars, candlesticks and candle bodies, as well as standard bars, candlesticks and Heiken-Ashi candles. An alert option signals when a “Climax” PVA situation exists.

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