Hidden Stop Loss and Take Profit – expert for MetaTrader 4

The EA implements a hidden Stop Loss and Take Profit system. The system is run as follows:

  • First, open the buy and/or sell orders that you desire for a particular chart symbol.
  • Second, open the EA in a chart with the same symbol, specifying the size of the hidden Stop Loss and Take Profit in points.
  • The default is to calculate these relative to the open price of the trade, but it can be calculated relative to the current mid price of the tickets symbol.

The EA should print out the hidden Stop Loss and Take Profit in the Experts tab.

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If the appropriate input option is selected, it should draw horizontal lines on the chart.

Hidden Stop Loss and TakeProfit

When all of the trades have been closed, a message is added to the comment section and the Experts tab. Please be warned that I have not tested this extensively or on a live system so great care should be taken.

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