Interceptor – expert for MetaTrader 5

Idea by: mserega76.

MQL5 code by: Vladimir Karputov.

A trading strategy based on working with a “fan” of Moving Averages (three timeframes, five Moving Averages on each). The EA is designed to work on GBPUSD,M5 “five-digit.” If you try to run it on another symbol or another timeframe, the EA will finish its operation with an error.

Two methods of obtaining data from indicators Moving Average are used in the code:

  • Data from only one bar per request (obtaining data in variable) – “iMAGet
  • Data from several bars per request (obtaining data in array) – “iMAGetArray” and “iStochasticGetArray

CopyRates is also widely used to accelerate calculations.

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  • lot size when position is opened normally (if signals do not match)
  • flat coefficient on M5 (number of points per bar)
  • initial stop loss (if it is below 100, no stop loss will not be placed)
  • take profit (if it is below 100, no take profit will be placed)
  • minimum profit in points upon moving to breakeven
  • stop loss upon moving to breakeven (we move it to breakeven, if the parameter is above 9)
  • the maximum allowable distance between MAs for a fan on chart M5 (in signal 1 only)
  • the maximum allowable distance between MAs for a fan on chart M15 (in signal 4 only)
  • the maximum allowable distance between MAs for a fan on chart M15 (in signal 6 only)
  • stochastic period (for M5)
  • upper level of stochastic (for M5)
  • lower level of stochastic (for M5)
  • stochastic period (for M15)
  • upper level of stochastic (for M15)
  • lower level of stochastic (for M15)
  • minimum size of the candlestick body (in signal 1 only)
  • low flat (the minimum flat length in bars)
  • high flat (the maximum flat height in points)
  • minimum distance in bars between the indicator peaks for divergence on M5
  • minimum percentage of the long hammer shadow
  • maximum percentage of the short hammer shadow
  • minimum hammer size in points (in chart M5)
  • how long ago the hammer was present (the highest number of its bar)
  • on how many bars the hammer is the maximum (in signal 6 only)
  • narrow source (the largest width of the fan on M5 at the narrowest point)
  • how many bars ago the fan converged to the “narrow source” (to practically a point)
  • maximum/minimum range that is broken through (“narrow source” in bars)
  • marking your positions with such number
  • minimum shift of trailing stop
  • distance from trailoing stop to the price (if it is below 100, trailing does not function)

A single test in the “Every tick based on real ticks” mode:


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