News EA Template Without DLL From 2 Sources – expert for MetaTrader 4

This is a continuation of the source code elaboration “The template of Expert Advisor for working with news”. The functions included in this template use two news sources – and The template doesn’t use DLL.

Advisor can distinguish between weak, medium, and strong news, as well
as apart for Non-farm Payrolls. There is the parameter of a time
indentation for each news type, at a time when the script will give a
signal about upcoming or past news.

Using this template, you can
also invert its work, and then the Advisor will work either only on the
newlines or directly before the release of Non-farm Payrolls. If at one
point there is a lot of news, then the Advisor takes into account the

This version of the template provides a concrete
example of how you can use it in your trading. This template already has
a simple trading function ManageTrade (), which you can change and
realize your desires. The logic of working in the template is simple –
taking into account the settings, it checks the presence of news, if
there is news then the trading is stopped within the time specified in
the settings.

For more trading functions visit the following URL:

if(IsTradeAllowed() && trade)
     {// No news and Trade Allowed
      ManageTrade(); // Your trade functions
Attention! To work
with this Expert Advisor you must add it to the trusted URL and


  • SourceNews – Choose news source.
  • LowNews – Activate weak news.
  • LowIndentBefore – The indent before a weak news release.
  • LowIndentAfter – The indent after a weak news release.
  • MidleNews – Activate medium news.
  • MidleIndentBefore – The indent before a medium news release.
  • MidleIndentAfter – The indent after a medium news release.
  • HighNews – Activate strong news.
  • HighIndentBefore – The indent before a strong news release.
  • HighIndentAfter – The indent after a strong news release.
  • NFPNews – Activate news of Non-farm Payrolls.
  • NFPIndentBefore – The indent before a news release of Non-farm Payrolls.
  • NFPIndentAfter – The indent after a news release of Non-farm Payrolls.
  • DrawNewsLines – Activate to show the news lines on the chart.
  • LowColor – The color of weak news.
  • MidleColor – The color of medium news.
  • HighColor – The color of strong news.
  • LineWidth – The line width.
  • LineStyle – The line style.
  • OnlySymbolNews – Set it to “true” to display news only for selected symbol or “false” to show all.
  • Your Time Zone, GMT (for news) – Time zone (GMT).

I want to remind again, this is a template that is designed to develop your own Advisor.

If you can’t figure out how to insert required functions, please contact me, help is close.

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