Price in polar coordinate system – indicator for MetaTrader 5

I want to remind you that for you to see the maximum data history on the screen, you need to set unlimited in the settings “Max bar in
chart”(Tools ->Options->Charts).

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The position of the mouse changes the parameters of the polar coordinate system:

  • Changes in the start date of data output are set using the mouse position on the X axis (the maximum amount of data will be displayed when the
    mouse pointer is in the leftmost position)
  • Changing the period of one loop is the position of the mouse pointer along the Y axis (the minimum period is the position at the very top)

Click on the left mouse button to commit the changes.

Pressing the “D” key toggles the chart between two modes:

  • The size of the circle is formed from a fixed number of bars
  • The size of the circle is a fixed time interval. If you use the minute chart, then one loop is a day (24 hours). 0 hours is the top, noon is the

The color is responsible for the date. At the very bottom is given a color scale. By placing the mouse pointer on this scale, you can see the
You can see the price by placing the mouse pointer on the chart.

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