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Pullback program indicator description.
Best Pullback Solution Trading System 100% Non-Repetitive High Winning Buy and Sell Signals
This is the closest thing to a complete automated trading solution: the system shows you high probability entries and accurate stop and take profit positions…

* Works with any currency, index, stock, commodity and futures on the MT4 platform
* 100% non-redrawing
* A complete trading system
* All timeframes – suitable for all scalpers, day traders and position traders
* Audible pop-up alerts for new signals

This was supposed to be a dream strategy. It involves only 2 simple steps.
Step 1: Identify the current market trend.
Step 2: Wait for a pullback (you can call it a retracement, or a dip/bounce, they’re all the same thing). Then enter the market in the direction of the current market trend.
Pretty simple, isn’t it? If I had to guess, 90% of retail investors would get better results if they stuck with this simple pullback strategy instead of chasing that elusive “magic” system.

The default settings for Stop Loss and Take Profit always ensure a 2:1 reward:risk ratio for each trade.

That means that when you lose, you will only lose a little. But when you win, you’ll win big.

It also means that you only need to win less than 50% of the time to make a profit!

The Pullback Solution indicator is equally suitable for day traders, swing traders and long-term traders…

This is another important feature you need to be aware of.

Our indicator filters out a lot of false signals, so you will get a very good trade setup.

By the way, trading with Pullback Solution is very easy because…

The indicator will provide you with all kinds of alerts: pop-ups, sounds, emails and push notifications when a setup appears…

In addition …… you have full control. For example, you can change the color of any text, entry, stop-loss and take-profit.

Moreover, the indicator is very flexible: it works for any currency pair… Any time range.

It also works with indices, stocks, commodities and futures. Almost any instrument you can think of.


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