Non repaint indicator

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This indicator is highly accurate and shows 85% of correct direction of market price trends. Never repaint signals after they have been received. It is a top-and-bottom-based indicator strategy that has perfect entry points. It gives you higher winning trade signals for any MT4 instrument. Perfectly work trading conditions: day trading, scalping swing trading, top trading, bottom trading, etc.

Non repaint indicator

The benefits of the indicator

No redrawing entry signals When signal arrows appear on charts that do not redraw or disappear.

No errors in arrows appearing and alert notifications No errors at all when arrows are visible and notifications to all instruments within MT4

Reversal signals indicate any trend direction
This signal is not a buy-sell signal. It relies on top and bottom reverses. It can also show more signals of holding trades in the same direction.

Not affected by MT4 terminal upgrades
The Indicator will not fail to recognize the official update of the MT4 terminal.

How long will it take to receive the file once the order has been completed?
After the order has been completed, the files are immediately downloaded.

Comparable to other indicators?

Other indicators, both high and low, are also redrawn to adjust their signal positions in response to changes in market prices. The previous signal arrow disappears when a terminal is reopened or refreshed. We guarantee that the indicator will not be redrawn.

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