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SpaceX Trader Pro EA is presented as a forex trading tool that employs a strategy combining price action and trend analysis. The EA incorporates features related to risk management, including automated Take Profit/Stop Loss settings and a Trailing Stop. It emphasizes a non-Martingale strategy, aiming for a more sustainable and less risky trading experience. However, it’s important to note that the EA utilizes the Grid trading method, which, while less risky than Martingale, still requires careful management to mitigate potential drawdowns, especially during volatile market conditions.

SpaceX Prop EA

Core Features of SpaceX Trader Pro EA:

  1. Price Action and Trend Strategy:
    • Leverages price action and trend analysis for informed trading decisions.
  2. Auto TP/SL (Take Profit/Stop Loss):
    • Incorporates automated Take Profit and Stop Loss settings for risk management.
  3. Trailing Stop:
    • Implements a Trailing Stop feature to protect gains by allowing a floating stop loss to move with favorable market trends.
  4. Non-Martingale Strategy:
    • Avoids the high-risk Martingale strategy, focusing on a more sustainable approach to trading.

Grid Trading Method:

  • The EA utilizes the Grid trading method, a strategy involving placing orders at set intervals. While less risky than Martingale, it requires careful management to mitigate potential drawdowns and account depletion, especially during volatile market conditions.

Recommendations for SpaceX Pro EA MT4:

  • Minimum account balance of $1500.
  • Specially designed to work on GBPUSD, EURUSD, and EURGBP.
  • Works best on M1 timeframe, but claims to work on any timeframe.


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