Regression Channel with variable polynomial degree – indicator for MetaTrader 5


A quick port for MT5.

Real authors: 
original by Boris: 
by graziani:

  • i-Regr: Polynomial Regression Channel consists of two parallel lines, equidistant up and down from the line of polynomial regression
    trend. The distance between frame of the channel and regression line equals to the value of maximum close price deviation from the
    regression line.
  • e-Regr: (work in progress) MetaTrader Expert Advisor e-Regr based on Regression Channel MetaTrader Indicator. Trade signals:
    If price lower than under line – Buy, If price bigger than upper line – Sell, TakeProfit by average line.

Screenshot an hour later:

The indicator is a great tool to talk about statistics of historical data.

The right edge history (blue lines) is not that convincing:

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