TradingBoxing – expert for MetaTrader 5

In developing it, we were inspired by code TradingBoxing. However, the code below is only based on the idea, while absolutely all implementation is in MQL5 and on new trading classes.

Trading panel has only one input parameter, magic number – the unique identifier for the EA.

Appearance of the trading panel:


To show the volumes (for positions and pending orders), standard class CSpinEdit was slightly modified and saved as CSpinEditDouble. Unfortunately, we did not manage to create it using inheritance, since we had to change the class members declared as “private.”

As you can see from the class name, it was created to display the double-type data. Therefore, we added method DisplayedDigits – defining the text display accuracy in the control.

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The text field in this control was made editable, too. For instance, it may be helpful when you have to enter a price or a volume that differ much from the value in the text field. For the text from the text field to be saved as a value, method EndEdit was added to class CSpinEditDouble:

   int               m_digits;              // displayed digits
   void              EndEdit() { Value(StringToDouble(Text())); }


This method memorizes the entered text as a value.

Method EndEdit is called from the OnEvent class CSpinEditDouble:

//| Common handler of chart events                                   |

For trade orders to be processed as soon as possible (even on a very quiet market where ticks come in at large intervals), every click on the trading panel button will forcedly call internal handler CTradingBoxingDialog::OnTick().

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