Trend Forex Indicator download

As you know, any new metrics are old metrics that have been forgotten (sometimes even standard metrics for Metatrader 4). And, in our opinion, without redrawing the drawings, significantly improves and complements the information panel. Moreover, it has three risk-sharing models: conservative, medium and aggressive.

But the ultimate fact is that Forex Millennium belongs to the family of trend indicators. You just need to choose the appropriate setting, i.e. the parameter “amplitude”.

Take a look.

This is HalfTrend EURGBP M15, where Amplituda = 4 and the total profit is +361 pips.

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fx千年模拟物eur gbp幅度4

This is HalfTrend EURGBP M15, Amplituda = 14, with a total profit of +562 points:.


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