Triple top and triple bottom – expert for MetaTrader 4

  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Currency pairs: Any pairs, indices and metals
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Recommended broker: icmarkets, XM
  • “Triple
    top and triple bottom” naked trading price action EA draws 2 mini Trend Lines with “Fractals” on chart and trades with Triple top and triple
    bottom strategy,has Trailing Stop Loss &Take Profit works with all time frames major forex pairs and stocks NASDAQ.

    concept of this price action EA is

    Triple top and triple bottom

    Triple top and triple bottom


    is confirmed when the
    decline from the

    falls below the
    of the lowest valley between the three peaks.

    functions like a stop loss

    a one-time function with a smaller value than the subsequent 

    Loss value
     to lock minimal profit and avoid loss if the price goes against you.

    you have reached a certain value of pips with the direction of the trade –

    • WHENTOMOVETOBE – When to move break even (values: 10-100).

    how many pips would you like to move the stop loss above the price line of the open trade-

    • PIPSTOMOVESL – How much pips to move stop loss (values: 10-100).

    EA trades only with the price of open candle!

    volume of a position depends on previous trading results.

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    provides the possibility to limit the maximum risk (in % of deposit) of the trade.

    you want to trade with constant lotsize say:0.01 lot ,you need to set 

    “MaximumRisk =0” and “DecreaseFactor=0″

    else you will have a calculation of  Percent (%) of deposit and MaximumRisk.

    combined together a simple EA with two moving averages and Trend Line,

    Trend Line do not work on test mode,

    optimization tests can be performed only with moving averages,

    live trading only, Trend Line and moving averages will work together,

    tests, the EA  only draws the Trend Line on the screen in  visual mode without considering it in the creation of trades,

    need to perform back test with “open prices only” option,

    Trend Line will function as a filter .

    this situation the probability of winning trades increases.


    • USEMOVETOBREAKEVEN – Enable “no loss” break even system (values: 0-1).
    • WHENTOMOVETOBE – When to move break even (values: 10-100).
    • PIPSTOMOVESL – How much pips to move stop loss (values: 10-100).
    • Lots – Lots size (values: 0.01-10).
    • MaximumRisk – maximum risk from total margin in %, (values: 0.01 – 0.3).
    • If “MaximumRisk =0” then “Lot=constant”
    • DecreaseFactor – decrease from total margin if you lose a trade.
    • TrailingStop-set a value from 10 to 100 to activate trailing stop loss & take profit, “0” will not activate trailing stop
    • Stop_Loss – Stop Loss (values: 10-100).
    • MagicNumber – Magic number (values: 1-100000).
    • TakeProfit – Take Profit (values: 10-100).
    • FastMA – Fast Moving Average (values: 1-20).
    • SlowMA – Slow Moving Average (values: 50-200).
    •  Mom_Sell-Momentum_Sell trtrigger(values: 0.1-5).
    •  Mom_Buy-Momentum_Buy trtrigger(values: 0.1-5).

    to perform back test:

    Triple top and triple bottom

  • 1. Open the MT4 trading software – “File” – “Open Data Folder” in the upper right corner
  • 2, find the “MQL4” folder – “Experts”, put the EA in this folder
  • 3, need to refresh or restart the trading software to display EA, find “EA” in “Navigation” – “EA Trading”
  • 4, find the EA you need to use, right click the mouse, select “attach to the chart” (additional chart: EA uses the currency to be linked, if you need to hang Europe and America, please attach to the AUDUSD chart)
  • 5. After adding the chart, set the EA parameter. In the “Common” option, select “Multi-empty position” and check the box in front of “Allow real-time automatic trading”
  • 6, in the “input parameters”, set the relevant parameters, generally modify the number of single hand, jiacang distance, loss ratio, 10,000 US dollars according to the minimum parameter settings, after setting “confirm
  • 7. After setting the EA parameters, start the EA. In the “Tools” – “Options” – “EA” – check “Allow DLL import” to confirm
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