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Channel Trading Indicator Pro is a very easy to use indicator as it breaks down the trend into various beautiful and amazing waves. Wave Scanner Pro uses the same method as the mass spectrometer.

It detects trends and, thanks to the built-in spectral formula, it breaks down the main trends into visible waves.
Trends are generated by these sub-trends, or waves, and it is very simple to identify where the waves enter and exit after they have been separated. Our tool does not rely on atoms or ions, but uses mathematical calculations. But the idea is the same.

Wave Scanner Professional+Includes system manual

Using this indicator is very easy because it breaks down the main trend into different colorful and spectacular waves. It identifies the trend and separates the main trend into visible waves by means of a built-in formula. The trend consists of these waves or trends and it is very easy to find entry and exit points after the waves are separated.

Heat Map Indicator
The goal of this indicator is to identify the price areas with the highest activity, i.e. the most active areas.
The indicator shows a gradient of colors, from cold to. The hot color signifies abundant activity and volume, while the cold color signifies low or zero volume and activity. The indicator provides traders with an in-depth view of the market and can be useful as a map or key to determine the current position of prices compared to the entire picture.

This is a high-end automated indicator of support and resistance. Drawing trend lines, also known as resistance and support lines is usually a subjective process …… until now. Now, with this channel trading indicator, drawing these lines is no longer a subjective art, it is automatic, objective and mathematically calculated. Traders can determine whether the trend is currently within a channel or not, and also identify possible turning points.

Channel Trading Indicators

Top and bottom charts
The award-winning innovation is now available. The top and bottom charts do not require drawing and provide the most refined look at the market. The primary benefit of top and bottom charts is that they provide investors with an easy-to-read way to observe any shifts that may occur in supply and demand.

The top and bottom charts can prove to be valuable aids when looking at the options they offer. If you can learn how to read and utilize charts, traders will benefit from a distinct advantage when making trading decisions. The chart above and below will show how bar charts work and also provide you with range images for the close and open. With this information, you will be able to make well thought out choices.

The top and bottom charts are more effective than the bars as far as visual identification of information and visualizing the relationship between data and investor sentiment over the course of time.

Check the current situation of the market in an instant.
Simply by looking at the length and color of the elongated top and bottom, traders can immediately determine if the market is expanding (becoming positive) or weakening (becoming bullish).

Channel Trading Indicators

Easier to understand the market’s movements.
In the top and bottom charts, the fullness and color of the top and bottom can help traders determine if the uptrend is part of a bullish momentum or an unintentional trap for bears.

Success Rate
We examined 4,200 examples of turning points predicted by our method using various devices and found that it achieved an 88% success rate** in marking important pivot points.

Significant turning points are defined as moves of at least 15 pips in the direction predicted by the entry signals in the lower timeframes (5M 15M, 30M H1) and 75 pips in the more timeframes (H4 daily, H4).

Technical specifications
One does not need to be an expert in market cycles to benefit from the system, as all the required information can be obtained from the user guide.
The main function performed by the program is to maximize the profit of the users and reduce their losses.
The system can be used with any tool in any time frame.
The system generates precise entry and exit signals and includes complete SL/TP/money management rules.
Installation is quick and easy even for novice traders.


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