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Reversal Candlestick Patterns PDF Guide
Introduced trend-reversal patterns for candlesticks Trend reversal candlesstick patterns are candlestick...
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37 Candlestick Patterns Dictionary PDF Guide
Each post in the Candlestick Patterns Dictionary has discussed 37 different candlestick patterns. This...
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4 Best Bullish Candlestick Patterns
Bullish candlestick pattern refers to candlestick patterns which cause a change in a bearish trend into...
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4 Wolfe Wave Rules that Every Trader Should Know
The Wolfe Wave chart pattern is made up of five waves which predict market trend reversal. This chart...
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Descending Broadening Wedge Definition & Trading Strategy
The bullish trend reverser chart pattern Descending widening wedge consists of an expanding trend in...
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Double Doji Candlestick Pattern
Double doji refers to a pattern of candlesticks in which two candlesticks with doji symbols form simultaneously....
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19 Chart Patterns PDF Guide
In this article, we have discussed 24 different chart patterns. To forecast price, retail traders often...
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Shooting Star Candlestick Pattern
It is a pattern of bearish reverse candlesticks that consists of a single candlestick, with an extended...
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